1. Hello sir.
    As you can remember, I’am Lilian and I’am frequenting her blog because I am eagerly looking to be able to use the LT-GEE for my studies on time series for restoration areas. Please, can you guide me?
    I’m trying to use LT-GEE with LANDSAT-07/SR images collection, watching vegetation and silviculture targets with NDVI INDEX. The returned values are really incompatibles, demonstrating negative numbers Can you guide me if the is about how I filtering the collecction? Heres is the code link: https://code.earthengine.google.com/387dbba4e047a23857b956f8c0d795fc

  2. I am also trying to learn from the blog.

    I don’t know if that helps, but if you need the values ​​to be positive rather than negative, just reverse the order of bands in normalization.


    Olá Lílian.

    Eu também estou tentando aprender com o blog.

    Não sei se isso ajuda, mas se vc precisa que os valores fiquem positivos ao invés de negativos, basta inverter a ordem das bandas na normalização.

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