Dem processing with TauDEM Qgis plugin

Calculate the upstream area using the GEE, Qgis and Taudem.

1. Download and install the TauDEM 5.3 Complete Windows installer from this website or use the version from the usb stick.

2. Add Taudem to Qgis: Processing → Options → Providers and enter the following sections:


3. The first operation we are going to perform is pit removal: processing → commander and enter pit remove in the commander toolbar. Use dem as input.

4. Subtract the pit removed dem from the original dem.
What differences do you observe:
What does the pit removal do:

5. Go again to the commander and do the “D8 Flow Directions” operation. Use the pit removed grid as input. What does this algorithm do?

6. Now to the “Grid Network” operation using the d8 flow direction map as input. What does the output map represent?

7. Create a new shapefile and add a point at the Ban Ve dam.

8. Go to the commander and type d8 contributing area. Click the point map as outlet shapefile.


9. Open the Raster calculator and create a new map with all pixels greater than 0. Give the map a new name.

“myrasterlayer” > 0

10. Chose Raster → conversion → polygonize.


11. Save the file as a kml.

12. upload the file as a fusion table and get the ID.

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