Biomass production from NPP in the Earth Engine

Calculate world wide biomass production from the MODIS NPP.

The NPP can be used to estimate the production of biomass (kgm2). Biomass is the dry matter of vegetation that consists of carbohydrates (CH2O). Total biomass production is calculated by including the molecular masses of hydrogen and oxygen into the equation.

Biomass = NPP * (30/12)

Yearly NPP is downscaled to an 8 daily time-series in this exercise.

Step 1: Open this script

Step 2: Add code below to calculate the biomass

// calculate the Biomass

var Biomass = function(myimg){
var biomass = myimg.multiply(2.5);
return biomass.copyProperties(myimg,['system:time_start']);

// map biomass production
var biomassCollection =;

3. Add the fusion table of the Da basin and one of the Thai Binh province.

 // import the sub basins as a fusion table
var Da = ee.FeatureCollection('ft:15ytieQkq3UH8DPJPFmB_YnbvhSEhOQLtLIXa6kxA').geometry();
var ThaiBinh = ee.FeatureCollection('ft:1w0nJ-In_Tabrr9zS-C6pdw1sHwuZM1_YS9mxacOf').geometry();

// Set center of map
Map.centerObject(Da, 5);

// show the layer
Map.addLayer(Da,false,"Da basin");
Map.addLayer(ThaiBinh,false,"Thai Binh");

// create vizualtion settings
var biomass_viz = {min:300.0, max:800, palette:"b27c00,ffff33,58ff33,146003"};

// Add the layer
Map.addLayer(biomassCollection.mean().clip(Da),biomass_viz,"npp Da")
Map.addLayer(biomassCollection.mean().clip(ThaiBinh),biomass_viz,"npp Thai Binh")

4. Plot the temporal changes in a chart.

// Predefine the chart titles.
var title = {
  title: 'Biomass production in Da basin',
  hAxis: {title: 'Time'},
  vAxis: {title: 'Biomass (kg/m2)'},

// create chart
var biomassChartDa = ui.Chart.image.seriesByRegion(biomassCollection,
// plot chart

// Predefine the chart titles.
var title = {
  title: 'Biomass production in Thai Binh basin',
  hAxis: {title: 'Time'},
  vAxis: {title: 'Biomass (kg/m2)'},

// create chart
var biomassChartBinh = ui.Chart.image.seriesByRegion(biomassCollection,
// plot chart

Find an example here.


  1. Thank you very much for helping me with this,
    Its really usefull !
    But, your fusion table, with the countries and cities, doesn’t seem to be open for every one that want to use to understand the potencial of your code.

    And, one more question:
    For biomass calculate, why you multiple for 2.5?
    I don’t understand this!
    The formule is “Biomass = NPP * (30/12)”


  2. Hello sir!
    For biomass calculation, why you multiple for 2.5?
    If you have any reference please share with us.
    Thank you!


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