Categorise land-use in different classes

On Protected, Utilized and modified landuse or Managed water use

Step 1: Download this file.

Step 2: Add a column to the attribute table.

Step 3: Categorise the landuse classes into one of the following categories.

Step 4: upload the file as a fusion table.

Protected Land Use (PLU)


PLU relates to the environmentally sensitive land uses and natural ecosystems that are set aside for environmental protection. National parks, RAMSAR sites, drinking water and coastal protection zones.

Utilized Land Use (ULU)


The class ULU represents a low to moderate resource utilization of the original vegetation where the human influence is minimal, such as savannah, woodlands, natural pastures, wetlands, mountainous shrubs, riparian corridors etc.

Managed Land Use (MLU)


MLU relates to the replacement of the original land use by mankind to achieve an increased utilization. Typical examples are urban encroachment, rainfed crop land, biofuel crops, timber plantations and construction of large dams.

Managed Water Use (MWU)


MWU represents landscape elements that are liable to withdrawals by means of man-made infrastructure (diversion dams, canals, ditches, pumping stations, gates, weirs, pipes etc)



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