Irma from space

Using near real time MODIS data

Use the code below or click here.

var modis = ee.ImageCollection("MODIS/006/MYD09GA");
var viz = {min:0, max:10000,bands:['sur_refl_b03', 'sur_refl_b02', 'sur_refl_b01']};

var myImage = ee.Image(modis.filterDate("2017-09-06","2017-09-07").first());
Map.addLayer(myImage,viz,"6 sept");

var myImage = ee.Image(modis.filterDate("2017-09-07","2017-09-08").first());
Map.addLayer(myImage,viz,"7 sept");

var myImage = ee.Image(modis.filterDate("2017-09-08","2017-09-09").first());
Map.addLayer(myImage,viz,"8 sept");

var myImage = ee.Image(modis.filterDate("2017-09-09","2017-09-10").first());
Map.addLayer(myImage,viz,"9 sept");

var myImage = ee.Image(modis.filterDate("2017-09-10","2017-09-11").first());
Map.addLayer(myImage,viz,"10 sept");


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