Download your GEE map as jpg

Create a nice maps for a report

Draw a geometry and use the code below or follow this link.

var lights = ee.ImageCollection("NOAA/DMSP-OLS/NIGHTTIME_LIGHTS");
var viirs = ee.ImageCollection("NOAA/VIIRS/DNB/MONTHLY_V1/VCMSLCFG");

var virs ="avg_rad").filterDate(ee.Date.fromYMD(2017,1,1),ee.Date.fromYMD(2017,12,31)).mean();

// vizualization parameters
var viz = {min:0, max:100, palette:['000000,700000,808080,FFFF00,ffffff']};

var bound = geometry.bounds();

var myList = ee.List(bound.coordinates().get(0));

var xmin = ee.Number(ee.List(myList.get(0)).get(0));
var xmax = ee.Number(ee.List(myList.get(1)).get(0));
var ymin = ee.Number(ee.List(myList.get(0)).get(1));
var ymax = ee.Number(ee.List(myList.get(3)).get(1));

var pixSize = 500;

var xs = ee.String(ee.Number(ee.Geometry.LineString([[xmin,ymin],[xmax,ymin]]).length()).divide(pixSize).toInt());
var ys = ee.String(ee.Number(ee.Geometry.LineString([[xmin,ymin],[xmin,ymax]]).length()).divide(pixSize).toInt());

var dimension = ee.String("x").cat(ys));
var img = virs.visualize({bands:"avg_rad",


Map.addLayer( virs,viz,"1992");


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