export image to drive

save your result as a Geotiff to your drive

Step 1: Import landsat 8 and mask the clouds. Fill out the ??

var cloudfunction = function(img){
//use add the cloud likelihood band to the image
var CloudScore = ee.Algorithms.Landsat.simpleCloudScore(img);
//isolate the cloud likelihood band
var quality = CloudScore.select('cloud');
//get pixels above the threshold
var cloud01 = quality.gt(40);
//create a mask from high likelihood pixels
var cloudmask = img.mask().and(cloud01.not());
//mask those pixels from the image
return img.mask(cloudmask)

var l8 =??
var Phitsanulok = ee.FeatureCollection("users/servirmekong/Phitsanulok")

var l8 = l8.filterDate("??,"??").filterBounds(??).map(??)

Step 2: calculate the median and visualise the result.

var img = l8.??
var viz = {min:0,max:0.3000,bands:"??"}

Step 3: Download the map to your google drive

var exportBands = ee.List(["B1","B2","B3","B4","B5","B6","B7","B8","B9","B10","B11"])




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